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Ideas/Inspiration for your Next Meal

"Hmm... What to cook for dinner?", "But... I don't have ... and I don't have ...". This website is created solely to answer these conundrums. Almost anyone would be delighted at the sight of a home cooked meal. However, many have limited access to ingredients or the means to obtain them. Others may also be stumped at the sheer complexity of making some dishes. I am here to show you the simple and easy side of everyday cooking with my delightful recipes.

I am an amateur home cook based in Malaysia, who have always took interest in food and how it's prepared. Watching my mother, a veteran home cook, pondering what to cook for dinner and whipping out dishes out of seemingly nothing have always amazed me. However, when sometimes asked about her recipes she would simply say that she threw a few things together and already forgot how to make it. Therefore, this website may also be treated as a sort of diary to keep record of what we cook and a window into what dishes an ordinary household can prepare with easily available ingredients.

I hope that with this website, people can take ideas/inspiration on what to cook for their meals. I will try my best to post around 3 to 4 recipes every week to give everyone more ideas and inspirations to cook delightful meals for yourselves or with your loved ones.

Homemade Hummus
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